Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Harvey House!

Our volunteers are a dynamic group of individuals who possess many talents. For each applicant, we provide them this letter which will explain the following:

1. Our tier system
2. Our expectations for you as a volunteer
3. Your next steps


After having read this, if you have any questions please feel free to contact Kristen at

1. Our Tier System

Our volunteers are identified by tiers. This does not mean that one tier of volunteers is more important than the other. Instead, this system provides an easy way to identify the kinds of duties volunteers may or may not be allowed to take on. Below are our three tiers and a brief description of what may be expected out of each one:


These volunteers work primarily in community events such as fundraisers, awareness events and promotional events. They may also work at the center during closed hours. Tier Ones do not supervise the youth we serve, and if there is any interaction with them it would only be on a minimal level. Tier Ones do not need a background check and the age requirement is flexible.


These volunteers want to work with the youth we serve generally as a monitor for our center. A Tier Two would be someone who is waiting for the results of their background check and, because of this, will always be supervised by, or working with, a Tier Three Volunteer.


These volunteers have passed their background checks and completed all training required by Harvey House. Tier Threes are permitted to work with the youths directly and without supervision aside from the minimum requirements in the Harvey House Volunteer Handbook. To be a Tier Three, you must be at least 21 years of age.



 This person is a Tier Three Volunteer who has completed additional training to supervise during open hours at the center when other administration are not present. This person may have a key to Harvey House and may be responsible for making decisions related to safety, programming or other relevant areas.


This person is a volunteer who is entering Harvey House for the sole purpose of teaching a class or conducting a program. Teachers do not need a background check. All classes/programs will have a minimum of two adults present for safety reasons (Teacher + Tier Three Volunteer or Supervisor).

2. Our Expectations


As noted in Section 1, if you are a Tier One Volunteer our age requirement is flexible. If you want to work with the youths we serve as a Tier Two or Tier Three volunteer, you must be at least 21 years old. If you are 18-20 you may be considered for a limited number of positions.

Background Checks

Tier Two and Tier Three volunteers are required to have a background check done at their own expense. BCI and FBI checks are both required for our files. As a rule, our volunteers must be free of any conviction of a sexual or violent nature, or involve children. A felony conviction does not automatically preclude your participation as a volunteer but the charge will have to be evaluated on a case by case basis by the Board of Directors and Executive Director. Tier One Volunteers are not required to get a background check.

For those who work with our youths
(Teachers, Tier Two and Tier Three Volunteers):

You must be punctual, professional and reliable. While you are working with us on a voluntary basis, you are also working with at-risk youth who need consistency and stability. Please keep in mind, when working with a vulnerable population, volunteers must be sensitive to how they interact with the youth. There is to be no actual, or appearance of, impropriety. We are here to provide a safe, welcoming and affirming space. This is NOT a dating service. The youth will come to rely on the volunteers to provide this environment and we need to ensure we support them.

For Tier One Volunteers

Whether the event be a fundraiser, handing out water to racers at the Glass City Marathon, or passing out material at Pride, no matter what the event is we expect our volunteers to honor the commitments they have made. If you commit to an event but have to back out, it will be very difficult for others to fill your role. These kind of scenarios may appear small but they have the potential make Harvey House look bad and let the kids down. We will work with you to make sure your duties are clear and manageable. Please honor your commitments for our events and communicate when you have needs or questions. We will be more than happy to accommodate whatever you need within reason.

3. Your Next Steps

Fill out the application and turn it in. One of our representatives will contact you with more information.

Feel free to start the process to obtain your background check. Background checks can be obtained at various agencies throughout Toledo, including the Lucas County Sheriff’s Department and Maumee Police Department. Any location is acceptable, as long as you are receiving both the BCI and FBI checks.

Stay tuned for volunteer training sessions. These sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes long. They are mandatory for anyone who plans to be an in-house volunteer and strongly recommended for anyone who will be working with the youth at all, including alongside at fundraisers or in a teaching capacity.

Our goal is not small or easy, and it will only be attainable if we work together as a community. Thank you, once again, for your interest in volunteering with us.