Let's Glow to Gay Prom
6:00 PM18:00

Let's Glow to Gay Prom

Tickets: $10 per person

This event will be a formal prom open to all LGBTQ+ and allied teens ages 12- 20.

Prom tickets may be paid by stopping into Harvey House during open hours or by sending a payment via PayPal or Venmo (harveyhousenwo@gmail.com). Please note your name(s) in the memo section so we know who sent it.

Those who need assistance purchasing an outfit will be contacted in late early June. Those who have requested a ride will be contacted in mid-June and will need to have a signed parental permission slip on file.

Please note you, and your date must complete this form to officially register for prom. Completion of a previous form does NOT count. Completion of registration form qualifies as acceptance and coherence to event rules listed below

Any questions can be directed to harveyhousenwo@gmail.com, call/text 419-356-1256 or sending a message via Facebook or Instagram. Volunteers are available to speak to parents as well.

Event Rules

  • All the rules of the Latitude center are in full effect at all times.
    (Rules can be found here)

  • No alcohol, tobacco products, or vaping/electronic cigarettes are permitted at any time during the event

  • No outside food or drinks will be permitted

  • No large bags/backpacks are permitted. They must be checked at the door. Small purses/clutch bags are permitted and will be searched.

  • No weapons, including but not limited to knives, guns, pepper spray, and tasers

  • No sexual activity of any kind

  • Once you are granted access to the building you will not be permitted to leave until the end of the event. If you choose to leave early, reentry will not be permitted. This include going outside to smoke or go to your car.

  • No inappropriate or sexually explicit dancing. Including grinding, or “twerking.” Inappropriate behavior will be determined by Harvey House staff. Repeated violations will result in removal from the event.

  • All rules are in effect for all ages. Being over 18 does not exempt you from any rules (including smoking).

  • You must be dress in clean, formal attire to be granted entry. Clothing may not be indecent. If you have concerns about an outfit please contact Harvey House prior to the event.


Prom tickets may be paid for via PayPal or Venmo (harveyhousenwo@gmail.com) or by stopping into Harvey House during open hours. You may also pay at the door on prom night. Please note your name in the comments so we know who the ticket is for.

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